Approach and Philosophy

DSCN1522Choosing the right college is one of the most important choices a student can make. Judging by the high rate of transfers and low graduation rates at many colleges, this choice is not always made in the most thoughtful way possible. Joan Franklin strongly believes in getting to know each student as an individual. She uses this knowledge to help students find the “best fit” college for them. Joan helps each student to maximize their own personal strengths to put together the most competitive application possible for the colleges they choose. This includes help with every step of the process to keep the student focused and on time with their applications. She encourages students to plan for college early in their high school careers, since the early choices they make impact on their range of options when they actually apply to college. She is especially interested in finding the best college settings for students with special needs, whether they have ADHD, a unique learning style, or are gifted. 
The college preparation process often creates a stressful environment and friction between students and their parents. A college counselor can help to defray some of this stress, allowing parents to enjoy what are often the last years of having their son or daughter at home.