Why should I use an independent college counselor?

As an independent college counselor, Joan Franklin can help with all facets of this sometimes-bewildering process. She can assist students in gaining an insight into their unique achievements, needs and interests and can help to match these to appropriate college choices. Working with Joan, students can stay focused and organized during this crucial life journey. She can help students put together the best possible application for the colleges that will best meet their needs. (See the Joan’s Articles section of this website for more detail on this. Joan functions as an advocate for the student and is not affiliated with any particular school or college.

Isn’t this what my high school counselor does anyway?

These services are a supplement, and not a replacement, for the important role played by the student’s high school counselor.

What is the best time to start working with MI College Support?

The best time to start this process is early in the student’s freshman year. Joan can work with each student to choose the best classes and extracurricular activities to strengthen each student’s application.

Do I have pay for a package of services all at once?

No. The College Source bills for services by the hour at a very competitive rate. So, you only pay for as many or as few services as you need.

Does working with Joan guarantee me admission to the college of my choice?

No college counselor can guarantee admission, but it can help you present a more competitive package to present to the colleges you desire.