Deciding Between Colleges Acceptances

Yesterday, I received an email from a parent that really forced me to examine my own beliefs about college. This particular student had the privilege of choosing between the UW honors, with direct admit to a very selective engineering major and with a full merit scholarship, or attending Yale or other highly selective universities, but […]


Feeling overwhelmed

I am feeling overwhelmed trying to get organized and get all my applications completed. Any advice? It is vital that you create a strategy for organizing all your applications before you start. You can create a tracking form or spreadsheet that lists all your schools, their deadlines, type of application required, additional supplements and forms […]


The application essays

I am really stuck every time I sit down to write the college essay. Is it really important ? The essay is probably the most important and certainly most difficult part of the application. While an essay will rarely compensate for poor grades or scores it certainly has the ability to make or break your […]


Preparing your first child to leave for college

With my first child leaving for college next month, what words of wisdom have you gleaned in your work as a college counselor? There are so many things I have learned from clients and from personal experience that I wish I had known when I sent my first child off to college. For simplicitys sake, […]


Is a test prep course worth it?

All of my friends have taken a test prep course for the SAT or ACT exam. I don’t have the money or the time. Will this hurt me? If you are disciplined enough to work independently, there is not necessarily any advantage to taking a course. SAT prep courses provide the discipline and structure to […]


Why a college counselor?

Many families are using independent college consultants to help with college planning. What do they offer that I cant do myself? All one needs to do now is to pick up any newspaper or magazine to read that colleges are more competitive than ever before, with record numbers of students applying. Families are recognizing that […]